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美国ADCOLE 1200-LX偏心轴综合测量机
  • 美国ADCOLE 1200-LX偏心轴综合测量机
  • 美国ADCOLE 1200-LX偏心轴综合测量机
  • 美国ADCOLE 1200-LX偏心轴综合测量机
  • 美国ADCOLE 1200-LX偏心轴综合测量机
  • 美国ADCOLE 1200-LX偏心轴综合测量机
  • 美国ADCOLE 1200-LX偏心轴综合测量机

美国ADCOLE 1200-LX偏心轴综合测量机



1.Gage Overview仪器概述
The Adcole      is a high-speed, high-precision gage designed to measurecrankshafts, camshafts, pistons and other cylindrical components in demandingproduction environments.Simple to operate, with comprehensive, easy-to-understandpass/fail output reports, theModel 1200-LX is a vital tool in maintaining part quality and production process fidelityas it verifies part tolerances, minimizes scrap, flags potential quality issues, qualifies grinders and machining tools, and helpseliminate quality breaches. 
Adcole1200-LX型是一款高速、高精度的测量仪, 用于在苛刻的生产环境中测量曲轴、凸轮轴、活塞和其它圆柱组件。简单的操作, 具有全面, 易于理解的是否通过要求的输出报高告,1200-LX型是保持零件质量和监控生产过成的一个重要工具, 经过它验证工件公差后,能很大限度地减少废料, 查出潜在的质量问题, 并用于磨床和加工设备的调校, 并帮助消除质量缺陷。
Adcole gages are relied on every day in major engine and engine component plantsall over the world.The Model 1200-LX gage represents over forty years of research, development and steady refinement in electromechanical-photonics technology and computer process control. The measuring gage offers exceptional performance, proven reliability, and the trusted Adcole accuracy the automotive industry has long recognized as the world standard.
世界各地的主要发动机和发动机组件工厂每天都依赖Adcole 测量仪。1200-LX 测量仪代表了四十年的研究, 发展和稳步细化机电光电子技术和计算机过程控制。该测量仪具有优异的性能、值得信赖的可靠性,Adcole 精度是汽车工业长期以来公认的世界标准。
Applications and advantages of the Model 1200-LX measuring machine include: 
1200型 LX 测量机的应用和优点包括:
•In-line and end-of-line quality inspection.
•Saves costs in both labor and materials.
•Accept new machine tools.
•Control over manufacturing process.
•Verifies grinders, milling machines, polishers and other machine tools.
•Minimizes scrap and rework to maximize good part production.
•Proof of part quality and production expertise.
•Correlates with other Adcole gages at machine suppliers, prototype and design facilities and other manufacturing locations. 
•与其他Adcole 测量仪在机床供应商、原型和设计设备以及其他制造地点的关联.
•Make fast and efficient measurements of first-off parts after wheel changes and part changeovers.
Design advantages of the new Model 1200-LX:
新机型 1200-LX 的设计优势:
•New, modern cabinet houses all components:main gage, electronics, peripherals and tooling drawers. The innovative design takes up considerably less floor space, ships on one skid, and installs with factory wiring.
•新的、现代化的橱柜内容纳了有所有组件: 主量具、电子设备、外设和工装抽屉。创新设计占用相当少的地板空间,一个箱子发运,并可接工厂线
•Accuracy has been improved with lower spindle runout less than 125nanometers (nm) and radial measuring resolution of 5 nm.
•精度已得到改善, 较低的主轴跳动小于125纳米 (nm) 和径向测量分辨率为 5 nm.
•Enclosed measuring chamber with interlocking, easy-swing door improves operator safety, eliminates the need for air pressure system and keeps the gage clean.
•封闭测量空间, 带锁、易开关的门, 提高了操作者的安全, 消除了气压系统的需要, 使量具保持清洁.
•New LED task lighting enhances part visibility and doubles as GO/NO-GO indicator by changing color.
•新的 LED 任务照明增强了部件的可视性, 并通过更改颜色来显示 "go/无 go" 指示器.
•Brushless DC servo motors with encoder feedbackfor carriage and headstock drives improve gage speed, performance, reliability and accuracy. 
• 无刷直流伺服电机与编码器的反馈, 为滑架和头座驱动器提高了测量速度, 性能, 可靠性和准确性.
•Linear motors reduce follower friction and increase accuracy. 
•New user-friendly software makes part sequence writing, report generation, and SPC files quick and easy to produce.
•新的 人机友好界面使部件序列编写、报告生成和 SPC 文件快速且易于生成.
•The roof of the gage has been designed to accommodate an optional load assist device for heavy parts. By mounting the assist device on the roof, part loading is easier and requires less floor space.
•量具的顶部设计为适用于重型零件的可选负载辅助装置。通过安装在屋顶上的辅助装置, 部分装货更容易,需要更少的地板空间
The gage is constructed from granite and steel and sits on vibration dampening air mounts. Workpieces are loaded vertically into the machine and clamped between a headstock and a tailstock. The tailstock (a) is vertically adjustable to accommodate various shaft lengths. 
该量具是由花岗岩和钢建造, 底部布置有气垫。工件垂直装入机器, 夹在主轴箱和尾座之间。尾座 (a) 可垂直调节以容纳不同的轴长度。
A carriage (b) containing the radial measurement system, aka, follower (c) sits alongside the workpiece. The follower engages the workpiece, which is then rotated or scanned linearly depending on the desired measurement. 
包含径向测量系统的运输 (b), 又名, 测头 (c) 坐在工件旁边。测头啮合工件, 然后根据所需的测量线性地进行旋转或扫描。
The size and shape (straight, round, knife edge, etc.) of the follower can be varied depending on the measurement task. All Adcole followers are cryogenically hardened for maximum durability and to eliminate measurement errors that can occur with easily worn-down followers. 
测头的尺寸和形状 (直、圆、刀边等) 可以根据测量任务的不同而变化。所有 Adcole 的测头都低温硬化, 以很大限度的耐用性, 并消除可能因使用不耐磨的测头所发生的测量错误。
2.1Gage Characteristics仪器特征
The smallest1200-LX gage line comes in 0.7M s.
1200-LX型尺寸 (0.7M)。
•Part Length Capacity: 0.7 Meters
•零件长度: 高达1米或高达1.5 米的
•Swing Diameter: 302 mm (11.88")
•回转直径: 302 毫米 (11.88 ")
•Part Weight: 341 kg (750 lb.)
•工件重量: 341千克 (750 磅)
•Follower Stroke: 190 mm (7.5") maximum
•测头冲程: 190 毫米 (7.5 ") 很大值
•Follower Speed: 25 mm/s (extend) & 125 mm/s (retract and fast extend)
•测头速度 25毫米/秒 (延伸方向) & 125 毫米/秒 (退出和快速延伸)
•Follower: 2.3 mm (0.09”) radius, carbide
•测头: 2.3 mm (0.09 ") 半径, 硬质合金
•Traverse Speed: 2286 mm (90") per minute (vertically)
•滑架速度: 每分钟2286毫米 (90 ") (垂直方向)
•Rotation Speed: 1 to 30 rpm
•旋转速度: 1到 30 转每分钟
•Paint color: ADCOLE Grey (RAL 7035)
•油漆颜色: ADCOLE 灰色 (RAL 7035)
•Power: 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz single phase
•电源: 220V交流, 50/60 赫兹单相
•Size - Gage: 1916 mm W x 1720 mm D x 2535 mm H
•尺寸-量具: 1916毫米 宽 x 1720毫米深 x 2535 毫米 高
•Weight: 2495 kg (5,500 lb.) approximate
•重量: 2495千克 (5500 磅) 近似
Gage Accuracy:
•Radial: < 0.4 μm
•径向: < 0.4 微米
•Diametric: =/-0.5 μm
•直径: =/- 0.5 微米
•Angular: < 1 arc second with angle correction
•角向: < 1 角秒内通过角度补偿
•Spindle: less than 0.125μm TIR
•主轴: 低于0.125 微米跳动
•Linear Straightness: less than 0.4 μm over 100 mm
•线性直线度: 100毫米以上低于0.4微米
•Overall Error: less than 10% of typical industry part tolerance
•总体误差: 低于典型工件公差10%内
Gaging Time - 4-cylinder gasoline crankshaft (5 main, 4 pin journals):
测量时间-4 缸汽油机曲轴 (5主轴颈, 4 连杆颈):
Complete using three radial cuts (traces/scans) and one vertical trace for straightness on each main journaland pin journal: 4.5 minutes. For longer, diesel crankshafts the cycle-time will be longer, approximately 7minutes without printing time (as these may vary). Pin Journal length measurements (cheek widths todatum) will add an estimated 1 minute. Part load and unload estimated at a maximum of 0.75 to 1 minute.
在每个主轴颈及连杆颈上完成三个径向截面测量和一个垂直方向的直线度扫描: 4.5 分钟。对于更长的柴油机曲轴的周期时间将会更长, 大约7分钟不包含打印时间 (因为这些可能会有所不同)。连杆颈长度测量增加估计1分钟。零件上料和下料的估计很大值为0.75 到1分钟。
2.2Measured Parameters
The machine measures cylindrical, concentric, and eccentric features and/or eccentric lobes on crankshafts, camshafts and many other types of cylindrical parts
2.2.1Crankshaft Measuring Program
The Adcole crankshaft measuring program provides the capability to evaluate a variety of crankshaft parameters including:
Adcole 曲轴测量程序提供了评估各种曲轴参数的能力, 包括:
•Main and pin journal diameter, measured at three locations per journal (over oil holes where required). Accommodates journals of different diameters within the same part.
•主轴颈和连杆颈的直径, 测量三个位置 (需要时可穿过油孔)。适应于同一工件的不同直径.
•Main and pin journal circularity (roundness) with LSC, MZC (MRS), MIC and MCC circle evaluation methods according to ISO 6318. Evaluates lobing and chatter over 360 degrees and in selectable sliding window.
•根据 ISO 6318 的标准, 用 MZC (MRS)、MIC 和 MCC 圆评价的方法, 对主、连杆径圆度进行分析。在360度里评估区域圆度和振纹, 并可在滑动窗口选择.
•Main and pin journal cylindricity
•Main and pin journal straightness (linear profile)
•Main and pin journal taper
•Main journal parallelism
•Main and pin journal center deviation
•Main and pin journal width, lengths and their position with respect to the thrustface
•Main journal and all diameters centerline runouts relative to No’s 1and 5 and also to centers
•Main journal concentricity / eccentricity and part bow correction to end journals
•Pin journal angular position (index error)
•Pin journal throw and true position
•Pin journal parallelism to mains axes in two (2) planes
•Thrustface runout of main journals to end journal reference (1 and 5) and squareness
•Straight line error plots or polar plots to display or printer with reference circle
2.2.2Camshaft Measuring Program (Optional)
The Adcole camshaft measuring program provides the capability to evaluate a variety of camshaft parameters including:
•Cam journal diameters and circularity (roundness)
•Cam journal run-out
•Cam journal eccentricity to gage axis and part centers, and adjacent journals. 
•Cam journal cylindricity, parallelism, taper and straightness
•Cam lobe #1 angle to various timing references (timing holes, timing pins, keyways).
•Cam lobe angle error: of all cams to timing reference and of all cams in relation to each other
•Cam lobe base circle radial error, runout, and velocity error
•Cam lobe maximum nose lift error (relative to base circle) and location where maximum error occurred
•Cam lobe maximum ramp lift error (relative to base circle) and location where maximum error occurred
•Cam lobe nose lift velocity error and location where maximum error occurred
•Cam lobe ramp lift velocity error and location where maximum error occurred
•Cam lobe taper, center deviation, parallelism and straightness
•LSC, MZC (MRS), MIC and MCC circle evaluation methods according to ISO 6318
•二乘圆(LSC),很大内接圆(MIC),小区域圆(MCC)的计算符合ISO 6318标准。
Filters are Gaussian digital with optional 2CR.
Waviness filters in accordance with current ISO standards with 1:15 / 1:50 / 1:150 upr freely selectable. All programs will initially be supplied with 1:50 upr.
波纹过滤器与当前 ISO 标准符合与 1:15/1:50/1:150波动/转可自由地选择。所有项目初将提供1:50波动每转。
Note: Where applicable, form and location parameters are measured in accordance with the definitions contained within the International Standard, ISO 1101.
注意: 如果适用, 表格和位置参数按照国际标准 ISO 1101 中所包含的定义进行测量.
2.2.3Output Reports
Various profile and error graphic plots:
•Journal roundness, linear or polar
•Journal straightness, linear
•Numerical Summary Report
2.3Gage Design Features
•Robust machine base with pneumatic isolator mounts
•Heavy duty, ball bearing spindle headstock
•Heavy duty precision tailstock with carbide center
•Precision granite base plate, flat to 0.00127 mm/305 mm, with full length lapped vee-way
•Precision ground carriage-way and radial measuring slide
•Adjustable precision tailstock assembly with 60 mm travel and carbide tip center
•Carbide follower, 0.180” diameter, straight to 0.001 mm or radius type followers
•硬质合金测量圆柱,4.57 mm直径,直线度1 um或半径类型测头。
•Machine cover / machine labeling in English (Optional Second Language)
•Side Acting Sensor for Lateral/Spacing Dimension checking
Accurate crankshaft measurement demands a gage with high precision, as the rod journals are eccentric to the part axis, requiring a long accurate motion of the follower. One arc second of angle error can result in a radius measurement error of 0.12 microns per 25 mm. 
精确的曲轴测量要求高精度的量具, 因为连杆颈是偏心于零件轴线, 要求一个耐用并且准确的测头。1角秒角度误差可以导致半径测量每25mm有0.12微米误差.
For a crankshaft with a 50 mm throw, a one arc second error in angle can result in a radial error of 0.24 microns on a pin journal. This is 4.6% of the roundness tolerance for a typical high precision crankshaft.
The Adcole Model 1200-LX gage is based on a high precision ball bearing spindle, precision carriage and unique follower design.Since the runout of the spindle directly affects accuracy, a steel ball bearing spindle--designed and manufactured by Adcole-- is used in all Adcole gages. The robust spindle was designed for maximum accuracy and extended service with a runout of less than 0.01 µm and an angle accuracy of less than one-half arc second (calibrated).
Adcole 型号 1200-LX 测量仪具是基于高精度滚珠轴承主轴, 精密滑架和独特的测头设计。由于主轴的跳动直接影响精度, ADCOLE使用了自行设计制造的钢球轴承主轴。这种坚固的主轴能在载荷下达到跳动小于0.01μm及角度精度低于半个角秒(标定后)
The Adcole follower employs a stiff steel carriageway and custom made, low-runout bearings that minimize follower deflection. Any resulting pitch and yaw motion effected as the follower extends/retracts is measured by the three laser tracks of the laser interferometer system and used to compensate final measured results. The long measurement range of the follower provides access past the gage axis.
Laser Interferometer:
To achieve the maximum accuracy, an Adcole designed laser interferometer is used to determine the carriage and follower (radius) position to 0.005 micron resolution. The proven Adcole design utilizes three laser paths for dynamic correction of any pitch and yaw errors. Radial measurements are accomplished with reference to a mirror, flat to within 0.125 microns. This design provides the sub-micron accuracy required for journal straightness, parallelism and roundness measurements.
Dynamic calibration is achieved (since the gage axis is accurately determined by the laser interferometer) using the mirror as a reference. Thus, the measurement of a master shaft is not required to accommodate a change in part length. This saves you time and the large expense of certifying and maintaining mastershafts.
•Touchscreen monitor, keyboard, and mouse mounted on pivoting panel for operator ease-of-use and sound ergonomics.
•Standard computer, min. 250 GB hard drive, 4 GB RAM, DVD-RW drive. (Used to process measured data and provide the operator interface for programming and controlling the gage)
•HP Deskjet A4 colour graphics printer (or equivalent device)
•HP 喷墨打印机 A4 彩色绘图(或同等设备)
•Computer with sliding shelf for keyboard/mouse and TFT 19” touch screen monitor housed in a ruggedized, sealed industrial cabinet for shop-floor use. 
2.4Gage Software and Operation:
The gage software program accommodates an unlimited amount of part numbers and separate gage operations for each part number. 
Operation of the gage is accomplished via user friendly Touch Screen software program. The Main Menubuttons are shown below: 
An operator simply tapsthe LOAD PART key on the touch screen and is immediately shown the gages full inventory of programmed parts.
The operator selects the desired part from the options list and is then returned to the main screen to begin measurements. 
Data appears on the screen in real-time, charting and recording the measurements as they progress. Upon conclusion of the measurements, an output report is displayed which can be printed or stored by the operator. 
2.5Gage Programming
The Model 1200-LX is easily programmed with output driven instructions. Creating new part files, measuring sequences, output and SPC reports can be accomplished in just a few clicks and with minimal data input. 
Inspection Program Menu:
3.Optional Software Packages:

3.1Chatter Analysis Software (for Camshafts and/or Crankshafts)
This specially developed software determines and reports maximum amplitudes for customer-assigned frequencies and lobe regions. FFT analysis can reveal otherwise unobservable periodic signals by transforming the error data into a set of harmonics in the frequency domain. Outputs are in color-coded bar graph format, frequency verses amplitude.  Out of tolerance amplitudes are reported numerically as well as graphically.
这个专门开发的软件确定并报告客户分配的频率和叶区的很大振幅。FFT 分析可以通过将误差数据转换成一组频域中的谐波来揭示观测周期信号。输出是彩色条形图格式,及振幅频率。输出的振幅及公差带将以数字及图形化报告。